What Does A Security Guard Do?

You see them in uniforms, stationed in designated areas – malls, outside clinics, in school entrances, airports and hospitals etc. They are called security guards and as the name of their job title implies, the role of security guards is to ensure that the place is safe and secure from harmful elements.People often confuse security guards with police officers. What makes them different is that police officers use a reactive approach rather than a preventive approach when it comes to dealing with crimes. Security guards, on the other hand, are more concerned of preventing crime by being observant and watching out for possible signs of danger. All the tasks and responsibilities of a security guard are all aimed at one thing – to prevent crime from taking place. If you don’t know how to screen security guards it would be best if you partner with IGS for your security guard needs. They will supply your home or business with competent and well-trained security guards.

Let’s find out more about what they do.

Security Guards Must Always Be Visible

Security guards are tasked to make themselves visible in the area to discourage criminals from pursuing their criminal activities. Examples of these criminals include burglars, muggers and shoplifters. When security guards are all over the place making their rounds criminals will think twice before they do something. Hiring a security guard to protect your home or commercial space will deter criminal acts.

Security Guards Will Be Your Eyes and Ears

Business owners don’t have the time to monitor their properties 24/7, which is why they hire security guards to be their eyes and ears. Not only do they ensure criminals are dissuaded from pursuing illegal activities they also make sure that the property is safe by checking for chemical leaks, burning cables etc. within the premises. Even if you install security cameras, nothing compares to the accuracy and promptness of security guards whenever there is a crisis. Security guards are trained to detect weird noises and strange smells that could indicate danger. They can also detect if someone is trying to divert their attention. Ideally, security guards must be observant. This is perhaps one of the most important qualities security guards should have.

Security Guards Are Vigilant

Security guards may look like they are just standing idly checking bags and checking people who are coming in and going out but the truth is, all their senses are heightened while they are on patrol and they are always vigilant. They can easily sense if something is wrong and when something is indeed wrong, they are trained to handle it whether it’s a cable burning, a chemical leaking inside the building, shoplifters, burglars etc.

Security Guards Respond to Problems Fast

When an average person is faced with a threatening situation, he or she will elicit a fight or flight response. The sudden release of hormones will prompt the person to either fight or flee. This is not the case with security guards because they underwent rigorous training allowing them to respond to dangerous situations promptly. This is very important for everyone’s safety.

Security Guards Keep People in Order

During big events where crowds of people are present security guards will keep the peace by simply being there and by politely giving clear instructions to the crowd.

If you want to protect your business you must consider investing in security guards. It’s a worthwhile investment that will keep your business safe as it grows. Skipping hiring security guards and you’re only inviting danger into your enterprise. Even if you live in the safest community in the city there will always be potential threats whether the threat is internal (one of your employees) or external (visitors/customers), the best way to handle dangerous and difficult situations is if you designate trained and competent security guards in your business’ premise.