Training, Tips for Your New Dog

Every year, thousands of Americans are investing in dog trainers in northern virginia. Dogs that are well-trained exhibit good manners and they are able to socialize well with other dogs. It’s also safe to have trained dogs around your family and guests because their innate aggressive behaviors are tamed. Good manners can be difficult to inculcate but it’s possible when you have the right dog trainer who uses appropriate strategies and techniques suitable to your dog. However, if you have the time, energy and patience to train your own dog you can do so but just a heads up, dog training can be challenging and frustrating but once you learn the ropes and meet your goals you’ll feel proud that you were able to train your dog by yourself. Here’s how to get started.

First and foremost, you have to make your expectations clear. This will make it easier for the both of you to work and achieve the goals you’ve set. Always keep in mind that the main foundation of dog training is positive reinforcement. The concept behind this technique is to reward your dog for good behavior. This is not about bribery but rather to teach your dog about values. If your dog exhibits bad behavior, you will withhold the reward. Positive reinforcement discourages punishment such as yelling or leash correction. There are many ways you can reward your dog like giving small treats, toys or words of praise. However, for convenience, most dog owners prefer food as reward.

As young as 8 weeks old can already be trained. We recommend you keep your training sessions short approximately 5 to 10 minutes and end the session positively. If your dog is having a hard time learning a new task or command try reviewing a task your dog already knows and praise your dog for doing it successfully. If you just brought a new dog home, these following easy training tips will surely help.

Teaching Your Dog To Come

If you’re going to teach your dog how to come you should do it in a quiet place or inside your house. Let your puppy sit beside you and say his name or say “come” very clearly. You don’t have to let your dog do anything at this point but you do have to give your dog a tret whenever you say his name or say the word “come”. Just say the word again and again and give your dog the treat. The next thing to do is to place the treat on the floor not far from you and when your dog finishes it up say your dog’s name again and when your dog looks up at you give him a treat. We discourage you from repeating your dog’s name again and again because if you say it too many times your dog may ignore you.

Teaching Your Dog Loose Leash Walking

In an obedience training competition, the word “heel” means that your dog should be on your left side with his head level to your knee while holding a loose leash. When you’re training a puppy it’s not as strict because the goal is for your puppy to walk in a behaved manner on a loose leash without pulling it. You can use the words “forward” or “let’s go” when you’re training your puppy. Whatever command words you use make sure you are consistent when using them. It also doesn’t matter if you want your puppy to go to your left or right. That is entirely up to you. However, be consistent if you want your pup to go left or right so they won’t zigzag when you start walking.


There are so many things you can teach your dog you just have to study proven strategies and techniques in dog training for it to work. If you don’t get the results you want you can always ask for help from professional dog trainers.